new ROUTEs

We typically do most of the route work on Monday and Wednesday mornings, but new routes can appear at any time. As of Monday, January 15th, 2018 there are 10 new routes and a total of 90 routes in the gym. These are the routes, or “problems”, currently set in the gym. Enjoy!


The foundation of a quality climbing route not only lies in the route setter, but in its holds.  Our holds are supplied by leading hold manufactures and designed by professional shapers from around the world. As part of our effort to Keep it Green, Beta only purchases holds that are made from non-toxic resins and are safe for the environment.


Beta uses the “V Scale” for grading our boulder problems. For easy identification, all routes are color coded with tape on the start and finish that signifies the routes V Grade. The color represents its level of difficulty with white being the easiest and orange being the hardest.

White: VB-V1
Yellow: V2-V3
Green: V4-V5
Blue: V6-V7
Red: V8-V9
Orange: V10 or harder
Black: Dyno

More information on this widely-used V Scale system can be found here.

HOW ROUTES ARE identified

All of our routes are set monochromatically. What does this mean? It means that all of our problems are set using the same color of holds. Each route will have a designated hold color instead of tape color. Simply follow the same colored holds all the way up!

Cave Left

(Grade, hold color, DATE, SETter) 

White, Red, 11/6, ZB

Yellow, Yellow, 11/6, ZB

Green, Purple, 11/6, JD

Green, Pink, 11/6, WK

Blue, Blue, 11/6, JD

Blue, Black, 1/15, ZB

Blue, Orange, 11/17, JT

Red, Green, 12/4, ZB


(Grade, hold color, DATE, SETTER)

White, Yellow, 12/17, JT

Green, Pink, 12/17, SC

Blue, Green, 12/17, WK

Blue, Blue, 12/17, JD

Red, White, 12/11, SC

Red, Yellow, 12/17, WK

Red, Black, 1/15, JD

Orange, Orange, 12/11, SC

Orange, Purple, 12/20, SC

Yellow Dyno, 1/1, JT

30 Degree Wall

(grade, hold color, DATE, SETTER)

Yellow, Blue, 12/11, JT

Yellow, Red, 1/8, SC

Green, Purple, 12/11, SC

Red, Green, 1/8, SC

Orange, Orange, 1/8, SC

10 degree wall

(Grade, hold color, DATE, SETTER)

White, Green, 12/4, WK

White, Pink, 11/13, SH

White, Green, 12/6, LC

Yellow, Yellow, 11/15, ZB

Yellow, Purple, 12/13, JT

Yellow, Yellow, 11/27, WK

Green, Blue, 11/13, LC

Green, Green, 12/6, LC

Green, Blue, 11/20, LC

Green, Pink, 12/13, ZB

Green, Blue, 12/13, WK

Black, Purple, 11/15, JT


(grade, hold color, DATE, SETTER

White, Blue, 1/8, WK

White, Blue, 1/15, ZB

Yellow, Blue, 1/8, WK

Yellow, Red, 1/8, SC

Green, Blue, 1/8, WK

Green, Green, 1/8, WK

Green, Yellow, 1/10, WK

Green, Green, 1/10, ZB

Green, Purple, 1/15, JS

Blue, Purple, 1/10, SC

Blue, Yellow, 1/10, SC

Blue, Blue, 1/10, WK

Blue, Orange, 1/8, ZB

Red, Orange, 1/8, SC

Red, Yellow, 1/8, ZB

Red, Purple, 1/10, ZB

island left 

(grade, hold color, DATE, SETTER)

Yellow, Blue, 1/15, JT

Green, Pink, 1/15, JT

Blue, Black, 1/15, SC

Blue, Green, 1/15, JT

island front

(Grade, hold color, DATE, SETTER)

White, Green, 12/4, ZB

Yellow, Red, 11/15, JT

Green, Yellow, 11/19, WK

Green, Purple, 12/11, ZB

Blue, Blue, 12/11, WK

Blue, Blue, 12/11, WK

Orange, Orange, 11/13, SC

Green Dyno, 1/1, WK

ISLAND right

(grade, hold color, DATE, SETTER)

White, Green, 1/1, ZB

White, Purple, 1/3, WK

Yellow, Red, 1/1, JT

Yellow, Pink, 1/1, JD

Green, Green, 1/3, ZB

Green, Blue, 1/3, SC

Green, Red, 1/1, JT

Green, Black, 1/1, WK

Blue, Pink, 1/15, SC

Blue, Yellow, 1/1, JD

Blue, Purple, 1/2, SC

Blue, Yellow, 1/1, WK

Red, Orange, 1/1, ZB

Red, Blue, 1/3, WK


(grade, hold color, DATE, SETTER)

White, Blue, 12/4, SC

White, Yellow, 12/4, JT

Yellow, Yellow, 11/25, ZB

Yellow, Orange, 12/4, JT

Yellow, White, 12/13, SC

Yellow, Orange, 12/6, SH

Yellow, Green, 12/4, SC

Green, Black, 1/15, JS

Green, Blue, 12/4, JT

Green, Yellow, 12/13, ZB

Green, Purple, 12/4, SC

Green, Pink, 12/13, JT

Blue, Red, 12/4, JT