What type of climbing does Beta offer?

Beta was designed specifically for bouldering. Meaning the majority of our climbing walls do not require ropes or any complex gear besides rock climbing shoes and a chalk bag. However, we do have a dedicated wall for rope climbing. If you’re looking to rope climb, we do provide the right equipment, training and support to learn basic rope skills and ensure a great rock climbing experience.

Do I need any special gear to climb at Beta?

Not really. A pair of tennis shoes and some comfortable attire is all you need. We rent climbing shoes, but these aren't necessary for your first time, though they WILL improve your performance. No barefoot or opened toed shoes are allowed.

What should I wear?

Any athletic or loose fitting clothing works great for bouldering.

Can anyone boulder?

YES!!! You don’t need any prior experience to have a great time bouldering.

Do I need a membership to climb at Beta?

No. Day passes are available for $12-$14. A day pass is for the entire day, so if you want to step out for lunch and then come back, that’s no problem.

Anything I should do before my first visit?

YES! For convenience, please print and fill out our online waiver here. It will save you time and get you climbing as fast as possible.

How old do I have to be to climb?

With proper instruction, climbers of any age and ability are welcome at Beta. Children under 12 are required to be supervised by a responsible adult. Climbers under 18 years of age need to have a Beta Bouldering Gym waiver signed by a parent/guardian prior to participating.

Is it safe for children?

CLIMBING IS INHERENTLY DANGEROUS! Without the proper knowledge, climbing can be unsafe. Our instructors are experienced climbers with expertise in safety and climbing technique. Whether a climber is new or experienced, special attention is paid to every child.

Is Beta kid friendly?

Absolutely! Our gym was designed with kids in mind. Our staff will show them around the facility explaining the different challenges. Parents can enjoy watching their children climb the walls from our second story mezzanine.