Beta Bouldering Teams

Beta Bouldering Gym offers an Intro Bouldering Team and our Beta Bouldering Team. Athletes work with coaches two or three days a week in a structured environment, learning specific climbing and training skills to progress their climbing forward into a format they can utilize and enjoy for the rest of their lives. 

after-school Kids club

After-school Kids Club is a fun way to improve your child’s climbing skills! Experienced club leaders create a safe and engaging environment where kids experience the world of climbing in a social setting. Kids practice new climbing techniques each week, learn the importance of stretching and safety, work with their peers, have a ton of fun, and use a lot of energy!

Kids Camps

Beta offers kids climbing camps for all ages and all skill levels! Whether you’re looking for a camp to introduce your children to the sport of rock climbing or your climber is looking to push their skills to the next level, Beta’s youth camps are a great way for young people to enjoy climbing with their peers (they might even do some hiking and slacklining)! Rock climbing helps develop balance, focus and coordination. The adventure will also inspire confidence and strength in your young climber.

Our two boys, ages 5 and 6, participated in the after school program at Beta Bouldering Gym. We are very impressed by the instructors. They are very motivating and positive while encouraging the kids to challenge themselves to learn more, try new routes, and they keep all the kids engaged and active during the entire class. We have been very pleased with Beta Bouldering Gym not only as a great facility to experience indoor climbing, but also as a great place for our children to experience the love of climbing. We highly recommend the programs they offer for kids!
— Brandon & Jennifer Othon