Have you been looking to purchase a crash pad but just can't seem to save all that cash? We are here to help! Beta is proud to introduce our new Rent-to-Own Program! Every time you rent a pad from us, we'll put the rental fee towards the cost of a crash pad. How cool is that?! This program is offered only to our Full (EFT) Members. 



Rent-to-Own Program Contract Details:

  • There is no maximum amount of rentals per month, rent as many as you want and everything you spend will go towards the purchase of a pad!

  • Cost of a new pad is 10% off (with member discount) and a used pad is an additional 5% to 10% off (depending on the condition of the used crash pad).

  • In the event of an EFT termination, members will have six months to use their program credit to purchase a pad. After six months, the credit will be dropped.

  • Our pad selection is first come, first serve! There may not always be a used pad availible for purchase.















If you have any questions about the Rent-to-Own Program, feel free to give us a call at (928) 266-0498.