So, you want to enter The Boulder Blast but have a few questions. Here are a few of the common questions answered!

Q. What is “redpoint format?”

A Redpoint Competition is a common format in climbing competitions. A certain number of problems of varying difficulty will be set for all competitors. Each competitor will be given a scorecard upon check-in at the front desk. Competitors will be allowed a set number of hours to climb, and judged upon their top five most difficult climbs.


Each individual boulder problem is assigned an initial point value. If you successfully climb the route on your first try, you receive the full point value. After each attempt the problem loses value until your fifth try. After your fifth attempt that problem will no longer lose value. The more difficult the problem, the higher the point value. 

The Beta Boulder Blast is peer judged, meaning you have to get two witness initials from co-competitors, or Beta employees. This format of competition is always a good time. Everyone climbs together, and energy levels sky-rocket. Advanced climbers cheer on beginners and vice versa. Expect to make some friends, climb harder than you thought you would, and have fun!

Q. What is the finals Competition all about?

This year, the top 5 male and female climbers entered in the "open" category will qualify to move onto finals. These climbers will test themselves on the finals problems, of which they have no previous knowledge. They will have 2 minutes to preview each problem, four minutes to climb each problem, with a four minute rest in between each problem.  

Here's how it works:

Each climber will be allowed a certain amount of time to view and climb each problem. When time is up the climber will be directed back to isolation while they wait for their turn to climb the next problem. When each competitor has had an attempt on the first problem, the same order is used again on problem two, three, etc.

Onsight competitions are judged on a climbers ability to reach “zone holds”, with falls detracting from the points a climber has acquired during their time. The maximum number of points are rewarded for true onsights, so bring your A-game!

This format of competition is by far the most fun to watch. Audience energy pushes elite climbers to climb incredible things and surprise even themselves. If your fingers don't start sweating, you might want to consider a different sport, like golf, curling or basketball. 

Q. I don't climb all that hard but am interested in entering... Should I?

Yes! Climbing in a competition, no matter how hard you climb, is an awesome experience. Competing in climbing is a social and fun event, no matter what level your are climbing. Competing helps us feel good, if not for the possible ego boost, but for the thoughts of what the future may bring. After all, no hold is unreachable!

If we haven't answered your competition questions, please feel free to email the gym at or call the front desk at (928) 266-0498.