If you’ve got a kiddo interested in seeing what competitive rock climbing looks like, this is for you! Join us for a free session with our team, just shoot our coaches an email at the bottom of this page. Official tryouts are held once a year during August, see you all in 2020!


Beta's Intro Bouldering Team is perfect for kids who want to take their rock climbing to the next level. Youth will work with Beta's Intro coaches two days a week on the climbing movement, technique, strength, and mental fortitude needed to become a better climber, while also learning to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Our positive and encouraging attitude and experienced coaches will help team members unlock their true climbing potential! 

Intro team is also designed to introduce children to the competitive world of rock climbing. Although competitive climbing is not a requirement of Intro Team members, it is encouraged and supported. Intro Team gives young climbers the tools to have rock climbing be a significant and wonderful part of their lives. 

Age Groups:  6 up to 13 (based on experience)
Time: Monday and Wednesday, 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Skill Level: Prerequisite = Any Beta youth program, Intro Team Tryouts or by Coach Invitation
Cost: $100/mo - 2 days a week

Team fees include a Full Individual Membership to Beta Bouldering Gym.

team beta

Team Beta members are the top tier of youth rock climbers at Beta Bouldering Gym. Team kiddos train three days a week with their coaches, Spencer Church and Jaclyn Teresinski. Workouts entail full body training on and off the climbing wall, broken into 6 - 8 week training cycles, utilizing our coaches extensive climbing knowledge and experience. Mental training along with a disciplined and healthy lifestyle help grow young climbers into strong competitive athletes. Team athletes are required to travel around the southwest to compete in USA Climbing sanctioned events.

Outdoor rock climbing becomes a priority in the competition off season, with practices happening primarily at the world class outdoor bouldering areas Flagstaff has to offer.

This team is a full commitment and should be carefully considered by the whole family if a child is interested. Team Beta is by invitation only following a tryout.

Age Groups: 7 up to 18 (based on experience)
Time: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Skill Level: Prerequisite = Team Tryouts and Coach Invitation
Cost: $150/mo - 3 days a week

Team fees include a Full Individual Membership to Beta Bouldering Gym and discounts for family members.


If you have questions about our teams, please fill out the form and one of our coaches we'll get back with you.

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