Bryce Snyder

Owner and General Manager

Raised in a Michigan suburb, Bryce moved to Arizona in 1995 to attend Arizona State University and to explore the mountains and canyons of the southwest. After graduating he moved to Flagstaff to escape the heat and explore Flagstaff’s endless climbing potential. With roots in bouldering and sport climbing, he has been an avid rock climber for over 20 years and is well connected to the Arizona climbing community. He has introduced countless beginners to the sport of rock climbing and is well-versed in all types of rope skills and safe climbing techniques. He understands that safety is of the utmost importance when instructing a new climber.


Gym Manager
Team Beta Coach
Route Setter

Born and raised in Chandler, AZ, Jaci didn't begin climbing until her move to Flagstaff in 2013. After playing soccer for 19 years and reaching a semi-professional level she decided it was time to take on a new challenging sport. She quickly fell in love with every aspect of climbing and considers it one of her greatest passions. Jaci loves bouldering in the gym and enjoys exploring all of the outdoor climbing Flagstaff has to offer.

Lindsay Colley

Graphic Designer/Photographer
Youth Program Instructor

Having made the move from the desert to the mountains almost ten years ago, Lindsay fell in love with what the seasons of Northern Arizona had to offer and decided to stick around. In college she studied psychology, photojournalism and communication, picked up a steady yoga and meditation practice, and finally stumbled into the climbing world a few years ago. You can often catch her around the gym or around Priest Draw. Be sure to say hi!


Kacie pajkos

Youth Program Instructor

Although she was born and raised here in Flagstaff, Kacie didn’t begin climbing until halfway through college at Northern Arizona University. After being introduced to the sport, she quickly fell in love with it and now spends most her free time pursuing her climbing goals. She loves introducing new people to the world of climbing and seeing the same love for the sport develop in others as it did in her not long ago.

Spencer Church

Head Route Setter
Team Beta Head Coach

As a Southern California native, Spencer grew up trad-climbing throughout California’s classic outdoor crags as well as finding and establishing new boulders from Joshua Tree to Los Angeles and even the Eastern Sierra. With many years of working in a climbing gym environment, Spencer is highly experienced in route-setting, youth coaching, safety instruction, and gear knowledge. Spencer’s love for rocks goes further than just climbing, he graduated from NAU in the Spring of 2014 with a degree in Geology. Since graduating, Spencer has focused all his energy on becoming a more well rounded climber, ticking off the old classics and searching for the new ones.

weston kropelin

Head of Facility Maintanence
Youth Program Instructor                                      
Route Setter

Weston was born and raised in Wisconsin, right next to Lake Michigan. He wasn't introduced to the sport of rock climbing until he moved to Wyoming in 2011. While he focused mainly on alpine climbing in the Teton range, it wasn't until he moved to Flagstaff in 2015 that he started to get into bouldering and sport climbing. In his free time, along with climbing, he enjoys carving briar pipes and pine knots.

josh dries

Youth Program Instructor

Born right here at 7,000 feet, Josh has been in Flagstaff for 16 years. The outdoors have always called to him, whether it be hunting, fishing, or just going out for a day in the Ponderosa pines. Josh has been a rock climber for around two years and has refined his skills as a member of Team Beta. Josh has competed against some of the top youth climbers in the Nation, having made it all the way to the Divisional Championship! Now he wants to expand to new horizons and pull on some real rock. Although he is young, he has lots of experience in bouldering, safety and youth instruction!


Mikael mrotek

Personal Trainer
Fitness Program Instructor

Having been raised in eight different states, Mikael has seen his fair share of views, but nothing changed him more than the Southwest. He started climbing at the age of 18 in Taos, NM, and hasn’t stopped since. This passion brought him to Flagstaff, where he wanted to climb as much as humanly possible. After being introduced to classic weight training to benefit climbing, his all or nothing approach to life led him to read and study everything he could find on the subject of training. If he’s not coaching or training in Beta you can find Mika (or more likely hear him) out on any random rock, be it chossy, steep, slab, or maybe even a crack if you get a rare sighting.

Conner Cassens

Director of Marketing  

Although born and raised in the sandy beaches of Southern California, Conner quickly found out that the mountains called more than the waves. He started climbing during his senior year of high school and quickly became obsessed with the sport. He moved to Flagstaff to study at NAU and take his climbing to new heights. His main focus has been repeating the Flagstaff classics as well as traveling all over the west coast to test his strength and find new gems along the way. If you can't find Conner on the rocks, chances are you can catch him on his skis!


Personal Trainer
Fitness Program Instructor

Rob is the consummate athlete. He has focused for over 2 decades to further his skill and accomplishments primarily as a rock climber. Simultaneously, he’s pursued extensive self-education on the subject of exercise physiology, strength training and performance methodology. As a trainer for athletes and lay people alike, he brings his natural ability to teach what he’s learned to others, making him a resource for individuals looking to expand the boundaries of performance based results. One of his greatest skills is to help you move beyond what you perceive as limits by using his knowledge of how the body works and continually proving myriad ways to overcome mental constraints to achieve athletic success.


Scott berklite

Youth Program Instructor

Scott was born and raised in Southern California and moved to Flagstaff a little over 4 years ago to attend NAU. Over the course of the Scott's climbing career, he has traveled to hundreds of crags across the western United States. He is always on the pursuit of finding the next big project and exploring new areas. While working, Scott loves to work with our youth programs to inspire children and use his extensive climbing knowledge to set some world-class boulder problems. When he is not climbing hard, you can find him at the mountain ripping some fresh powder. As a photographer, snowboarder, and climber, the adventure never slows down for Scott. 


Zack Bryant

Route Setter
Youth Program Instructor

Originally from Kentucky, Zack began his athletic career as a wrestler. After wrestling for more than 10 years, Zack found bouldering and never looked back. He moved to the Southwest and quickly found a passion for roof climbing in Flagstaff. Zack loves to spend his days staring up at roofs, training, or searching for untouched climbs throughout Arizona. He also enjoys collecting skulls and other remnants from his ventures, and vintage PlayStation games. 

*All of Beta's staff members are CPR/First Aid certified as part of our initiative to create a safe climbing experience.